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Know the Various Causes of Squints

Squinting eyes make the sufferer seem to look in two different directions. The cause of crossed eyes is a disorder or disturbance in the eye muscles, so the position and movement of the eyeball is not normal. In the squint or strabismus, the direction of the two eyes does not appear straight or parallel. Crossed-eye disease can be experienced by anyone, but mostly occurs in children. Crossed eyes occur when the eye muscles do not work well together, so that the position and movement of the eyeball is disturbed. As a result, the brain will receive different information from each eye. If this condition is not treated, over time the problematic eye can become blind. Cross-eyed can occur from childhood or as an adult. The following is the explanation: Causes of Squints in Children Most cross-eyed people are born with this condition, or experience it as a child. The risk of a child suffering from squint is greater if there is a family member who also has squint. Disorders of the eye
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Eating Placenta After Childbirth, Is Really Beneficial

Although it sounds surprising, eating the placenta after giving birth is done by some women. This activity is called placentophagy. Eating the placenta is believed to benefit the condition after giving birth. But is this really true? Consuming the placenta can be done in several ways, including by drying, pounding it into powder, then putting it in capsules, or even eating it raw while in the delivery room. Rumors Behind the Benefits of Eating Placenta The placenta is an important organ for pregnancy, because it functions to circulate blood and substances needed by the fetus to survive and develop during the womb. These substances include nutrients, oxygen, and hormones. However, those who follow the trend of eating placenta or placentophagy strongly believe that taking the placenta after giving birth is beneficial for: Increase stamina Increasing milk production Reducing stress hormones Prevents postpartum depression Improve iron levels in the blood. Helps the uterus to r

See How to Shrink Distended Stomach Here

Having a distended stomach is of course very annoying. In addition to reducing self-confidence, a distended abdomen also makes it difficult for you to choose clothes. So that the distended abdomen is not increasingly disturbing, see how to shrink the following distended stomach. In the human body there are two types of fat, namely subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and visceral fat (in the abdominal cavity). The appearance of a distended abdomen is usually caused by the accumulation of visceral fat in and around the abdominal cavity. This accumulation of fat is very dangerous for the health of the body, because it makes the organs around the stomach become closed. This results in someone more at risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and metabolic syndrome. How to reduce belly fat Here is a way to reduce the distended stomach that you can try at home, namely: Reduce foods that contain fat and sugar The presence of belly fat is often associated w